Extreme Volume Dark Brown #4.27 Flicky 3/4 Wig



Who needs a blow dry when you can wear our Hair Universe super flicky wig?! This Dark Brown #4.27 ¾ wig, weighs an amazing 285g, and is amazing at transforming any length of hair. You HAVE to try it for yourself!

  • Length from root to tip measures approx. 27 inches
  • Super thick fibre
  • Weighs 285g
  • Heat up to 180 degrees
  • Hand wash in warm water & hang to dry
  • Made with the latest natural fibre technology to give a ‘real hair’ effect
  • Intelligent colour blend for the perfect match
  • Wrong shade? Simply return within 14 days
  • Check out our Tutorials section to see all of the styles you can create with this product!

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