Curly 24″ 3/4 Clip In Hair Boost




Get the biggest, bounciest hair with our amazing clip in hair piece! Our incredible full volume 3/4 hair boost is pre-curled and fastens securely to create a gorgeous full head of bouncy curls. These easy to wear, clip in extensions add instant length and the ultimate volume for the best hair day you’ll ever have. 

Unsure of your colour and want to make sure that you get the perfect match?! Please send us a photo of your hair in natural light or inbox us on Facebook where one of our customer care team will colour match you for free! 

  • Length from root to tip measures approx. 24.5 inches
  • Super thick fibre
  • Weighs 285g
  • Heat up to 180 degrees
  • Hand wash in warm water & hang to dry
  • Made with the latest natural fibre technology to give a ‘real hair’ effect
  • Intelligent colour blend for the perfect match
  • Wrong shade? Simply return within 14 days
  • Check out our Tutorials section to see all of the styles you can create with this product!


1. Part the front section of your hair roughly 3 inches from your hairline.
2. If you have short hair, tie the rest of your hair back into a ponytail or a bun. If you have longer hair, simply backcomb around the parting to help the hair boost grip onto your own hair.
3. Slide the top of the hair boost into your hair along the parting.
4. Slide the bottom of the hair boost up into your hair at the nape of your neck.
5. Backcomb a small section of your hair over the top of the hair boost and lightly comb through to blend.

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